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From: Felicity & Joseph Jameson


Meet Missy - A seven year old female queen. We have had Missy since she was 11 weeks old. She is a wonderful pussycat, full of love and very curious - she loves to watch everythig that goes on in the garden and kitchen, especially when food is involved.

When she was five years old she managed to get herself into a right scrap with the local Squirrels and had an awful gash down the left side of her body. It took the Vets 45 minutes to clean and stitch her - nine weeks later she was back to her normal self, apart from her new found respect for the local Squirrels.

About four months after the incident I was watching Missy in the garden from my kitchen window, suddenly a Squirrel jumped down and approached her. The Squirrel came right up to Missy and sniffed her nose, Missy did not blink an eyelid or move a muscle, the Squirrel apparently found her okay and simply went about his business of searching for food. I was very impressed and stood there amazed that these two very different creatures had such a close encounter with no mishaps. Missy stayed in the same spot for about three minutes before coming in to the kitchen, I gave her a big hug and a special treat.

Lately her new trick is to stand on her back legs waiting for one of us to bend towards her so she can give a head butt. She has only been doing this for a couple of weeks.

I feed Missy and Joseph my husband grooms her, she loves the grooming sessions and will let anyone groom her. Missy wakes us up in the morning by trampling all over us and talking to us. She has a wonderful little "mew" first thing in the morning when she wants feeding, and then it is straight to the garden for the days adventures.

I have had a few little presents from Missy over the years, mainly mice. She averages about one a month for us, how many she actually catches is another thing!

Our three children (andrew, marie and paula), Joseph and myself really love Missy and would do anything for her, we feel very privileged in having her in our home. Living with Missy has given us such a lot and we feel that having a home without a pet of some sort is a home with no real heart to it. She is a very people orientated cat and loves all visitors alike, greeting them at the front door and accompanying them through to the lounge where she will soon take over their lap.

Felicity Jameson  

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