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Spider & Benson

Spider and Benson - just good friends. These two are companions of Alicats.

A Very Happy Cat Owner

From: Annie Gleeson - June 2000

Every day I have left food at my back door for a stray cat who I named Midnight. Midnight would never come indoors or allow me to stroke him! He is a lovely cat and was obviously in need of a loving home, but how to win his trust?

After 10 months of feeding Midnight I got a call from a close friend. I was to hurry on over to her place immediately. The excitement in her voice really got me going! I was soon at her front door and no sooner had I entered her home I was rushed upstairs to a spare bedroom, where to my delight was a beautiful little black and white female kitten. It turned out that the kitten was found by a next door neighbour who could not keep a cat due to ill health, I was nominated as the most likely to accept the little kitten. Well, they were correct! I soon got home with my new pet and had to rush around the shops for all the necessary items and food. Once home I soon had the little kitten settled in, she was a little darling - purring all the time. I started to think of what to name her, as my frinds name was Mary I decided to name her "Molly" - (Irish) A familiar form of Mary.

A quick checkup at the vets and Molly was given the all-clear. She soon had all her injections and was ready for the outside garden...

It was then that I soon realised that Midnight would meet her! What to do? I was in a bit of a panic. Two days later I was in my kitchen and had left the back door open. Curiosity had got the better of Molly and she was outside for the first time since arriving at my home. I watched as she tentatively looked around and started to explore her new surroundings. just at that moment my frontdoor bell rang, after seeing to the visitor I was soon back in the kitchen and suddenly realised that Molly was still outside! Looking out of the window I was totally gobsmacked by what I saw! There was Midnight cleaning Molly and she was enjoying every second of it! And, I was in for an even bigger surprise! Molly soon came indoors and who should troop in after her? Of course, Midnight! This was really getting my emotions in a spin...

From that day onward, Midnight and Molly have both been the best of buddies. Midnight now comes and goes as he pleases and usually stays indoors during the day. I could not have asked for a better pair of cats than these two, they give without thought or expectation and I would not have it any other way. I now groom Midnight on a daily basis and love his strange meow, a sort of twisted version of the real thing.

It has been over two months since Midnight and Molly first met, I can say with all honesty that life is treating me and my two cats very well indeed. It was only 12 weeks ago that I was wondering how to get the trust of Midnight, and a little black female gave me a great deal of help.

Annie Gleeson - A very happy cat owner!  

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