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Oscar Drinking!

By Mandi Hughes.

September 2002


Oscar, enjoying a drink.

We acquired Oscar as the tiniest kitten you can imagine.We had gone to look at a dog and when we commented on this cute kitty the lady said "oh you can can have that thing"... we couldn't walk away.

It transpired that he was too young to leave his mum so we had to nurse him as a baby. He grew into a strong, healthy and assertive cat.

When we got some goldfish, he studied the problem. He couldn't reach the fish so he came up with a unique solution.

He started to drink the water. I can honestly say I have never considered that a cat could hold so much water! But the lower the water got, the closer he got to the fish!

We did stop him but not until we got the camera out.

Sadly we lost Oscar a few weeks ago, he has left a very big hole in our house but remembering his antics makes me smile. I found this picture of him trying to drink from a tall jug the other day and decided to share this smile with you.

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