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Sam - The Little Bundle Of Fur
Jonathon Jenkins - November 2000


I want to tell you about my cat Sam. Sam came into my life 12 years ago in the summer of 1988, he was a small bundle of scruffy fur scrounging food and titbits from anyone in a small rural town in Hertfordshire. I happened to be visiting a friend that day and we decided to meet in the town center. On arriving in the town the first thing I noticed was this little bundle of fur. On further inspection it turned out to be a little black cat. It was obvious that he was homeless and living by his wits. I decided there and then to take on this little cat and went directly to a local pet shop to buy a Cat Basket.

Time was moving fast and I had to meet me friend. We both met up with each other and she was surprised to see the cat basket, I quickly explained to her what my plans were. We both decided that we would capture the little cat before we did anything else. Having bought some cat food at the pet shop we went about finding the little cat. It did not take us long, he was ravenous and soon ate the cat food. I thought that capturing him was going to be very difficult, it turned out to be so easy! Once he had finished eating he then went about rubbing his face on my leg and purring with contentment. This is when I picked him up and put him in the cat basket. He continued to purr and rub up against the door of the cat basket.

My next priority was to get him checked over by a vet. I wanted to wait until I got back to my home town, but was persuaded by my friend to take him to a local vet's. The check-up went very well, a course of flea treatment was all that was needed. And of course a good wash and some regular feeding. It was also noted that the little bundle of fur was a tomcat and probably under a year old.

Finally it was time for me to return home, and with cat in cat basket in hand off I went. Well, that first night was a very memorable time. I had already decided that this little cat was to be named Sam or Samantha after my dearly loved English Sheep Dog who had passed on many years ago. Sam did not like having a wash, but loved the drying with a towel. It was also a very pleasant surprise to see a lovely white patch beneath his chin and just below his nose, his white paws were now seen with all their glory.

Once dried he was soon investigating the living room. Behind chairs, up onto tables and shelves, into nooks and crannies, he looked and sniffed everywhere. A large flower vase was especially interesting to Sam, he soon figured out how to get into the vase, but getting out was another matter. The yowls for help were very loud and persistent, I was not quick enough and the vase soon toppled over and cracked open with a very relieved Sam racing away to hide behind a chair! The smashed vase was of no concern to me, it was more of a little warning to put anything especially meaningful out of PAWS reach. That night Sam slept on top of my bed and was there in the morning purring quietly and looking very sweet and happy. Over time Sam soon grew into a larger version of the scruffy fur ball, and he was very cheeky with lots of personality. His favourite pastime is to annoy the birds from the kitchen window.

I eventually married that friend named Maria from the rural town and we both settled down to married life. Sam loved Maria and Maria loved Sam as much as I did. We now have two children of our own and they both adore Sam. Sam is now a little less active than he was in his former years. He loves being brushed and having his chin scratched. There are a lot of little stories about Sam that will wait until another day. In concluding I would like to say that Sam has brought a lot of happiness not only into my life but the life of anyone who happens to be touched by him. I feel very fortunate and lucky to have Sam living with us.

Jonathon Jenkins  

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