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Sami's Last Time Out!

From: Margi Bowman (March 2001)

In our garden is a tree,
A fir by name and certainly not wee!
Along came Sami, my "ginger pest",
To climb the giant was his main quest.

Up upon the branch he leapt,
Initially proving quite adept,
But fright set in at about six feet
He hadn't realised it was so steep.

Instead of calling it a day,
He climbed and climbed up all the way,
From thirty feet up he sat and cried,
His poor old "Mum" could just have died!

The authorities said give it 24 hours,
He'll get fed up, we're due for showers,
But by this time it began to pour,
And the little kitten climbed even more.

To the rescue came a local man,
A ladder accompanying him, as he ran,
Up he climbed, grabbed little Sami by the collar,
Goodness did he meow and holler!

Was I pleased he was back upon the ground,
Soaking wet, but safe and sound,
From this minute on he is staying in!
He's banned, no matter how loud the din!!

Margi Bowman  

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