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Sebastian - South African Moggy


This is a wonderful picture of my beautiful boy Sebastian. As you can see he is a truely handsome boy. He absolutely loved the camera and posed for me very often. He was my first cat and I loved every moment I shared with him.

I lived in South Africa and about two years ago decided that the best thing for my husband and I to do would be to immigrate to the UK. I put it off for a very long time because of my Sebastian and my heart broke at the thought of seperating from him. Because we knew nobody in the UK and had no idea of how regularly we would have employment or even where we would be living we knew the best would be to 'give him up for adoption'. To my delight a friend of ours adopted him and I was over the moon.

On the day of his departure Sebastian lay in my cupboard amongst all my socks and he lay calmly there as if he knew what was about to unfold later in the day. He must have known that it was best for him and he did not kick up a fuss at all. Finally his new parents arrived and Sebastian went without a fight at all. I hugged him one last time and as the tears streamed down my face I said my goodbyes and bid him farewell. His adopted parents promised to take good care of him.

Nearly a year later, we went to visit South Africa and went around to see Sebastian again. Oh the joy! He is still his wonderful self and it is great to see how much his adopted parents love him. He came straight to us and it felt wonderful to know that he recognised us. All the time we were visiting his adopted parents Sebastian was always around for a little attention or just lying in the shade under a tree.

The funny thing is that when we were ready to leave, Sebastian was nowhere to be found. I like to think that maybe he knew that it would be too sad for me to say goodbye again and saved me the tears. What a wonderful blessing and I know that when I am ready, my next cat will find me.

Angelique Hollingdrake  

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