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Sid The Kitten

Living in the countryside, I'm sorry to say my cats have a wonderful time hunting especially in the summertime. Sometimes however, their prey get the better of them.

One sunny afternoon, I was sitting gazing out into the back garden towards my pond when I was surprised to see a rather large red, brown and golden bird, possibly a pheasant staring at me.

Just as I was wondering why he was in my garden, another thought struck me! Sid, my year old cat was out there somewhere.

Sure enough, when I looked closer, I could see him crouching down behind the watering-can ready to pounce. Before I could even react, Sid leapt up and tried to catch it, but the bird just began to fly away.

Not willing to give up that easily, Sid then tried leaping into the air after the bird, forgetting the pond! He landed on a rock on the edge but lost his balance and with a comical splash the back half of him slid into the water, which thankfully due to the hot weather wasn't very deep.

He easily pulled himself out but had a very sorry-for-himself look on his face which I couldn't help but giggle at!

By: Nicola Jolliffe  

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