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Sisters! Ellie & Maisy

By Rebecca, Daniel & Jill.

August 2002


Maisy is our Kitten,
she is so very little.
She has a big sister called Ellie,
they both love to watch telly.

Maisy loves to run and play,
Ellie watches, 'oh not today!'
I am so very tired and sleepy,
my little sister is very creepy.

As I sit on moms lap,
Maisy plays, runs and tap's,
round and round she's very busy,
she makes poor ellie very dizzy.

Out in the garden, catching flies,
jumps and bounds in tangled ties.
She catches it, to her amazement,
Ellie watches from the pavement.

Ellie sits in the sun - bathing,
Maisy play's around her waving.
I love my little sister dearly,
but peace and quiet 'really! really!'

Maisy hides and jumps out at me...
I run and hide behind a tree.
I peep and see her looking for me,
wondering where I can be.

Now we are tired, we curl and sleep,
by our mom, next to her feet.
Purring loudly, happy to be...
sisters, Maisy and Ellie.

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