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Tabitha - The Lost Kitten

From: Emma Tyler

Tabitha, who was a little white kitten, fell in the fishpond and killed one of the fish. She was a very fluffy, clumsy kitten who was always getting into trouble.

Tabitha lived in a very clean and pretty house with a little girl called Katie and Katie's mum and dad. Tabitha's mother's name is Rosie. Rosie is very well behaved and is very fluffy like Tabitha. She is a tabby cat.

One night Dad put Rosie and Tabitha out on the doormat and said, "You have to learn to be able to sleep outside like your mother Tabitha", and he shut the door. Rosie ran up the tree. Tabitha tried to go up after her but she couldn't manage to climb up it. At last she gave up and started to wander about the front garden.

The front garden was very small but the back garden was huge. In the front garden there was only a little path to the gate from the door, and a tree, and a bush, and a few flowers.

The house was near a forest and Tabitha had always wondered what was in the forest. She decided to go and see. Rosie was now asleep in the tree as Tabitha started to crawl through the hedge.

It was dark in the forest - very dark. But there was a little bit of moonlight twinkling in the distance. Tabitha thought it was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen. Soon she began to feel sleepy. She looked around. She saw a little tree, which had a hole in it and a broken branch leaning against the tree. She began to collect lots of dry moss from the ground and walked up the broken branch to the hole. When she had a lot of moss she got in and went to sleep.

In the morning Rosie woke up and was let in. Dad wondered where Tabitha was and shut the door.

By then Tabitha had woken up. She walked down the branch and started to look for her way home. She didn't know the way home.

She thought a lot and decided to live in the forest. After she had made up her mind about this Tabitha started to look for something to eat. She found a berry bush and ate all of the berries. Then she went and played with a butterfly, then a fox and a squirrel.

Summer passed and all the leaves began to fall off the trees. Katie was worried about Tabitha. "Where could she have got to?" she asked Mum. "Don't worry", said Mum, "We'll find her one day".

At that very moment Tabitha was having her dinner. She always played after dinner and tea. Because there were no butterflies in autumn she played with the leaves.

Winter was coming. Tabitha knew that very well because the next morning it started to snow. It snowed and it snowed. Tabitha saw that there was still some moss that hadn't been snowed on - and there was a great big pile of it too! She started to collect the moss again and put it in the hole.

Katie was sad and unhappy. "We'll find her soon," said Dad, "Why don't you go for a walk to forget about her? I tell you what, you go and have a walk in the forest." "O.K., I will," said Katie and went to put her coat and wellies on.

Katie walked into the forest and cried. Soon she came to the place where Tabitha was walking round in circles. Tabitha heard Katie crying and ran to a berry bush a few trees away and hid. Just then Katie saw Tabitha's paw prints in the snow. She followed them. They led behind a berry bush. There was Tabitha sitting under the berry bush. Katie got down and picked her up and hugged her. She had a doll's blanket in her pocket and she wrapped Tabitha up in it. Katie saw that it was getting colder so she went quickly home and they all lived happily ever after.

Emma Tyler  

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