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Teddy's Supper


"Bengals are said to have 2 speeds: Full Stop and Top Gear. Teddy usually adopts Full Stop, as in the photograph, but not always, as I have found to my cost!" - Elizabeth

We had some fish today for tea,
a smoky, spicy, kedgeree.

Fishy aromas filled the air...
We ate a lot, but left some spare.

The kitchen door was locked and tight,
but Teddy fought with all his might.

He turned into some kind of Dervish,
Determined, he would have his fish.

I stooped to lift him, calm his fuss,
When all at once the silly puss...

Turned and sank his teeth in me.
In lieu of fish, I became his tea!

Not once, but twice, he sank his teeth in;
Nine bleeding punctures in my skin.

To Moffat hospital we went, hot foot,
(The doctor, laughing, thought it a hoot).

Now Teddy is in deep disgrace -
With such a look upon his face.

He seems to think it was 'my' fault,
that supper came to a swift halt.

Elizabeth Loft  

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