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Link to Feline Fun Facts at HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines Bengals

I wish to thank HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines Bengals for the use of their Feline Fun Facts!

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Feline Facts 1:

Time to hamper!A cat's sense of smell is 14 times stronger than a human's!

Besides their noses, cats can smell with something called the "Jacobson's organ", located in the upper surface of their mouths. This is what cats are using when they scrunch up their eyes and open their mouths after sniffing something intently!

Cats have 244 bones in their bodies! (About 40 more than humans!)

Cats have 32 muscles in each ear!

Cats only sweat from the pads of their paws; ever notice how wet the examination room table gets when you take your cat to the vet?

Cats aren't hunters by nature; their mothers teach them to hunt!

Female cats can reach adulthood in as little as five months, but male cats can take nine months to a year to reach adulthood. Most breeds of cats have reached their full growth by two years!

To drink, a cat laps liquid from the underside of its tongue, rather than the top!

Cats are said to see colour. Studies have been able to prove that cats can distinguish between red and green; red and blue; red and gray; green and blue; green and gray; blue and gray; yellow and blue, and yellow and gray!

The bottom two rows of whiskers on a cat can move independently of the top two rows!

Whiskers tell a cat whether the space they are entering is big enough for it!

The oldest cat on record was a female tabby that lived to be 34 years old!

Cats have about 100 different vocalisation sounds. In comparison, dogs have about 10!

The largest litter of kittens on record is 19!

Cats can purr to express pain or fear in addition to expressing pleasure. Female cats often purr when they are in labour, as well as when they are nursing their kittens!

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