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Funny Cat Pictures One


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Paddy-pooh & Greta

"Yes, that's it... just behind the ear."

Paddy-pooh, giving Greta the once over! Is this the longest tongue you have ever seen?

What's in here then?

Sandy causing trouble... again!

This is Sandy from Sandy's Home Page, she is very curious about all sorts of stuff and at any given time can be caught causing trouble. She really doesn't see it as trouble herself, but it sure gets everyone going!


"Meow meow to everyone. I'm Zuzia the Cat. Please visit my place at Cats 'n' Kittens - I call it my Purrrsonal Furpage because it will certainly make all the cats purr. I hope you'll enjoy your visit. I have some really great stuff for you. My incredibly cute pictures, my story that will make you cry and laugh, and lots more..."

Nikki getting into the spirit!

Niki getting into the spirit of things! Companion of Alan.

On a more serious note: Do keep your cat indoors and safe during Halloween.

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