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Do you have a favourite piece of original Cat Artwork? Show it off to the World Wide Web here at Moggies. Send any artwork as a JPG electronic picture attached to an e-mail to Padraig with a brief description and details about the artist.



Talented artist Dale Lewis: "My style of portraiture is characterized by a high degree of accuracy and detail, richness of colour, and by my deep love for the pets whose companionship so enriches our lives. My love for animals, I believe, comes through in my pet portraits, in a sense of 'life' and vitality that attempts to touch the hearts of the nice folks who commission my portraits."

"With respect to the kitty portraits, it often happens that the death of a dear, pet friend, is the motivating force behind a person's decision to have a pet portrait done. Sadly, all of the kitties shown in these three samples, have passed on to 'Rainbow Bridge'. Probably the most interesting story is that of the kitty shown with the US flag (below). This particular kitty died on the same day the Twin Towers were struck by the two aircraft. The owner of the kitty wanted to reflect her love for both her friend, and memorialize the lives lost, with a pariotic theme."

Kitty Portraits:




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