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Do you have a favourite piece of original Cat Artwork? Show it off to the World Wide Web here at Moggies. Send any artwork as a JPG electronic picture attached to an e-mail to Padraig with a brief description and details about the artist.

Peter Warner Artwork
Artist: Peter Warner


Peter Warner has been described as the best feline artist of our time. Peter's expertise comes from a combination of natural talent, sensitivity towards animals and minutely accurate attention to detail.

Peter Warner studied drawing and painting at Wimbledon School of Arts and the Royal Academy Schools. He has illustrated many books on domestic and wild cats, notably The Book of the Cat and Perfect Cats. He has also designed many internationally well-known advertising icons, such as Friskies and Whiskas cats, and Hush Puppies dogs.

Peter Warner is the illustrator in the wonderful book entitled The Cats of Moon Cottage by Marilyn Edwards, view details about the book here: The Cats of Moon Cottage.

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The pictures below are taken from the book The Cats of Moon Cottage by Marilyn Edwards.



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