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Do you have a favourite piece of original Cat Artwork? Show it off to the World Wide Web here at Moggies. Send any artwork as a JPG electronic picture attached to an e-mail to Padraig with a brief description and details about the artist.

Second Chance Pets


Artist: Johnny Madaus



"My website has a gallery of prints for sale with proceeds going back to the Second Chance Cat facility. All the cats shown are from the facility, and they are captured in art that shows the unique personality that each cat has. They are a pleasure to work with, and there is no happier moment then to see one of my cats get adopted and leave to go off to a new home. I will always have these pictures to share and remember my time with each of them." - Johnny

"Saving the life of one cat does not change the world, but it changes the world for that one cat."

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Second Chance’s mission is to rescue abandoned and stray cats and dogs, provide excellent care for them and carefully match each animal with the best home for its needs, in order to ensure a long lifetime of safety, love and companionship. Second Chance also encourages responsible pet ownership through education, advocacy, programs and services.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions
PO Box 73
North Carolina 27512

Tel: 919-851-840

Feel free to visit Second Chance's website at

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