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Cori's Pawtraits

Artist: Cori Solomon



Based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Capturing the spirit and emotion of the animal or pet in a drawing is what my art and pet portraits are all about. For me the eyes tell it all. I look into the eyes trying to figure the animals inner soul. I capture the essence and character of the animal or pet through the eyes. Every pair of eyes tells a story and my job, as an animal artist is to look beyond and find the heart and soul of each pet or animal.

Like many artists, it took a tragic event to spark my true creativity. This occurred in the summer of 2001 when my sister died. Having difficulties drawing human figures I turned my focus to my dogs, who gave me the unconditional love that I needed at the time. My three salukis became my inspiration as they still are. I had and continue to spend hours watching their antics. With the death of my sister I also inherited 2 cats. Not having been a cat lover, I quickly changed and learned the differences between canines and felines.

My motto is less can be more. Let the observer visualize their interpretation, thereby creating the image and story. I use many styles to accomplish this whether it is realism or abstraction. Most of my work is created in the pastel medium.

Three examples of Cori's work are below:


in Waiting

Roaring Times

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