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Artist: Nicky Jones

I have been sketching and painting animals, birds, flowers, and even insects, for as long as I can remember, and I have always had a great love of nature, in particular cats, both wild and domesticated. I have two wonderful moggies, Jake and Holly, who are always with me when I am in my studio, painting. I think life would be very dull without our wonderful furry and feathered friends; not only do they make the world a more beautiful place to live in, but they also add humour to our stressful lives, with their wonderful sense of fun and playfulness.

I paint lifelike commissioned portraits of dogs, cats, horses, other animals, and people from photographs. My main aim is to capture the character and likeness of each individual animal. Each portrait is meticulously painted using good quality acrylic paints. I like to paint on a textured surface, and have found off-white textured acid free mount board or oil canvas board suits my needs very well. I use a mixture of medium to very fine acrylic brushes, sometimes as small as 0000. I am also occasionally asked to paint miniatures on raw silk.

My particular skill for working in minute detail lends itself well to portrait painting. My portraits start at 2" x 2", and I take great pride in the fine brush work in each portrait, incorporating fine hairs, whiskers, bridle, etc. I love to spend as much time on the eyes as possible - they capture the real essence and character of the animal or person, and I try to reflect this in my paintings. I feel this is the first and most important stage in the creation of a portrait. All other details are then painted in and the colour is built up gradually using tiny brush strokes. Throughout this process I use magnifiers to help me extract every little detail.

I have exhibited my work, mainly locally, at art exhibitions, craft fairs, cat shows, and horse shows. I receive most of my commissioned work from people who have been recommended to me by previous happy customers, and many of my customers come back to me themselves for portraits of other pets or family members.

Four beautiful examples of Nicky's work are below

Tortoieshell Cats     Abyssinian Kitten

Fluffy Tabby

Tabby Cat Sitting

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