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Do you have a favourite piece of original Cat Artwork? Show it off to the World Wide Web here at Moggies. Send any artwork as a JPG electronic picture attached to an e-mail to Padraig with a brief description and details about the artist.

Artist: Carrie Hawks (Florida, USA)
Website: Tigerpixie Art Studio

"I live in Florida with my wonderful husband, son and daughter. We have four beautiful cats that were all strays. They are my babies! Pookie is a Himalayan. Tabby and Leo are brother and sister. Zoe is the youngest. You can meet all of my Furbabies on the My Cats page and play some Fun Feline Games featuring the four of them.

I am Carrie Hawks, cat artist and Tigerpixie Art Studio is the official gallery of my cat art and fantasy cat artwork. Visit my Gallery to see my original cat paintings, fairy cats, fine art prints, pet cat portrait info, books featuring my art and other specialty items like bookmarks, pin back buttons and notecards available for purchase."

Carrie Hawks artwork is refreshing and she is obviously a very talented artist, a highly recommended site to visit and find more treasures from Carrie.

Two wonderful examples of Carrie's work are below:

Bubble Fairy Kitty

All Seeing Kitty

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