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Do you have a favourite piece of original Cat Artwork? Show it off to the World Wide Web here at Moggies. Send any artwork as a JPG electronic picture attached to an e-mail to Padraig with a brief description and details about the artist.

Artist: Katrin Eagle

Mixed media drawing and fabric manipulation.

A brief biography: Born in Leicester (England) ,I grew up in an environment where art was alway a part of my life as both my mother and grandmother painted. The love of colour and creativity remained with me ,although I originally pursued a scientific career, obtaining a degree in biology. Over the years I took several evening classes in life drawing, painting and ceramics. I stayed home to raise our children and spent my creative energies on designing and making childrenswear for several years.

Whilst I raised a family, I decided to return to formal study and was accepted onto a one year Portfolio course at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. After this I continued my studies in the design field ,taking a two year H.N.D. in Stitched Textile and Fashion at Cardonald College Glasgow ,completed in 2003. Throughout these courses, drawing in all its forms was emphasised and my horizons for experimenting with many different media widened.

In 2003, I followed my husband to North Carolina where his work commitments had taken him. Here I found the time to work on experimenting with textile, photography and painting. Through the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh and the Fine Arts League of Cary I have had the opportunity to exhibit in several group shows and am currently represented by the Michael Lecher Gallery ,Cary NC., although I have returned to my permanent home in Scotland to live.

Below are two example of Katrin's work, please remember that website graphics do not do justice to the real artwork.



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