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Artist: Claire Harris

Website: Claire Harris - Exquisite Animal Portraits

About the Artist:

Based in Bristol (UK), Claire has enjoyed drawing from an early age and has studied art to A Level. Although her career then branched into another direction, she never lost her love of drawing and found herself offering to "have a go" at a pastel portrait of her friend's horse Guinness. She has never looked back! Claire found a hobby that combined her passion for art and animals. She has been producing pet portraits on a regular basis since 2001.

What does Claire like about drawing people's pets?

"I love receiving photographs of animals and seeing their personalities shine off the page. I always try to achieve an exact likeness and capture their individuality."

"My customers are always delighted with their pet's portrait which is the cherry on top of the cake."

Claire is willing to draw any animal from good clear photographs and she is happy to discuss your requirements without obligation.

When she is not drawing portraits of her customer's pets, she can usually be found racing across the countryside on her endurance horse Eko, or at home with her husband and cat.

If you would like a beautiful portrait of your horse or pet, capturing his/her unique character.

Claire works from photographs and specialises in pastel portraits but also enjoys working with oils, watercolours, charcoal and pencil. For more information please contact Claire via e-mail address below:


Two beautiful examples of Claire's work:



Sophie & Gizmo

Sophie & Gizmo

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