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Colchester Cat Rescue


Colchester Cat Rescue Charity Registration No: 275238

Website: Colchester Cat Rescue

Adopt-A-Cat Scheme

This gives anyone who cannot have a cat at home with them, the chance to adopt a cat living at the Sanctuary, for a minimum donation of 12.00 per year, which goes towards the chosen cats upkeep. The number of cats that you can adopt is not restricted, however, each cat that you adopt will mean a minimum donation of 12.00 each. There are some photos of some of the cats available for adoption on our website.

Colchester Cat Rescue is open to the public between 12noon and 3pm on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Application forms for adoption + other donations to:

Colchester Cat Rescue
Bromley Road
United Kingdom

Table-top Cat!     Just another 50 winks!     Peeping Toms!

Some of the "guests" at the Sanctuary. How could you resist not homing them.

Time to Spare?

Do you have time to spare, with nothing to do? Why not come up to the Sanctuary and give us a hand. Volunteers are always welcome on weekdays and at the weekends, and we are quite a friendly bunch. Where to Find us:

Colchester Cat Rescue

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