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"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love." - Pythagoras (6th century BC)

Cat Names

Do you have an unusual name for your cat? Please send me an e-mail with the name and a brief description of why the name was chosen to: Padraig.

Some show cat names:

1. Mouser Pawprint Bigwig
2. Twinklepaws Tiddles
3. Felix Foolish Fortuna
4. Gingertail Erik the Viking
5. Seablue Mini Cooper
6. Burlington Queenie Fay
7. Tell Tail Thomas
8. Ticklewhiskers Whitefoot
9. Pussyfoot Golightly
10. Rumbletum Greedy Guts

Skooterbutt   Hissy   Bo-Tai & Sheegwa
Jennie & Dolly Mixture   Gang of Five & Paul Charlton
Barney & Kate   Melissa & Steve's cat BT
Catherine Farnan's cat Pablo   Robin Strum's cat Zu-Zu
Helen Murphy's cat Bardsley   Rex V Pilgrim's cat Rastas
Justina and her partner's cats Velcro & Thumper
Ashleigh and Socks   Margaret's cat Fahree   Ruth and Ding Dong
Kerry and Sparkle   Clare and Greymalkin   Susan Sharpe and Asher
Cecilia McKenzie and Kosh   Margaret, Badass & Dumbass
Justin & Puddyphat   Kate, Pugwash & Pikachu

My Cats

My first two cats were rescued cats named Claudia and Sandy. Claudia always greeted me with a good stretch on my thigh, digging her claws into me leaving at least one scratch mark. Sandy was smitten with my partner Sandra and would climb all over her, purring and rubbing her face into her ears.

Years later I took in an abandoned ginger female kitten who I named Puska (short for pussycat!), she was a none-stop talker, always miaowing about something and the named suited her.

In 1993 my present pussycat came into my life, when first seeing him I could not help saying "What a Beauty!". It was assumed at the time that Beauty was a female, so naturally the name stuck - his full name is Majestic Wag-a-lot Beauty. Beauty is also known as The King of England by the rebels across the big-pond (USA)! Beauty has his own page at: Beauty's Page.

Padraig - 1999

Melissa & Steve's cat BT.

Our cat BT (British Telecom) is named due to having a very strange behaviour pattern, whenever the telephone rings she rushes to the phone and miaows at it continually until someone answers it. I wonder if she is in love with our phone?

Catherine Farnan's cat Pablo.

I had a kitten who had a really fitting name, or so I thought! She is black and white and looked like the felix cat from the advert, with a little white tip at the end of her tail. She used to love chewing my paintbrushes so we called her Pablo after Picasso. Not only cause she liked the paint brushes but also because of the white tip at the end of her tail.

Robin Strum's cat Zu-Zu.

My cat's name is Zu-Zu, she was named that because of the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Jimmy Stewart's daughter's name in the movie was Zu-Zu, and at the time that my kitty found me, I loved that movie. While I still enjoy the movie, I absolutely love the name. Everyone tells me how unique it is, and it's perfect for my wonderfully unique cat!

Helen Murphy's cat Bardsley.

I have a cat called Bardsley, yes Bardsley NOT Barnsley! We got him when we were living in Bardsley Close and could not think what to call him as none of the names which we had thought of seemed to suit him. Then we came up with the idea of Bardsley as we were about to move and it would remind us of the first home my husband and I had together. Bards is still with us but has been really ill recently having had major surgery on his urethra so that he can pee again. The stitches come out on Friday and the collar hopefully comes off then too. He can't wait!

Margaret's cat Fahree.

Fahree - This is my colour point Persion cat's name. It was named after a friend from Persia who was at nursing school with me, many years ago.

Note: The closest interpretation of the word into english is below:

farih - lively, agile nimble

faarih - lively, agile nimble, swift (animal); comely, pretty; sturdy; big

Rex V Pilgrim's cat Rastas

I have a cat which is now sadly missing, I gave this one cat a formal name and a pet name.

His pet (common) name was Rastas (just a coined name) and his formal name was: Felix Cyrus Bartholomew McElroy.

Felix - well we all know who Felix is he is "the Cat".

Cyrus - The founder of the Persion Empire.

Batholomew - from Hebrew meaning of Furrows (yes he had stripes) and besides its got that mew word at the end.

McElroy - Irish surname meaning "son of a Ginger haired lad" Guess the cats colour eh.

From a fellow cat lover in Ausralia.

Justina and her partner's cats Velcro & Thumper

My niece Justina and her partner have a lovely tabby and white cat called Velcro, and if you meet her, you find out why! She is very very friendly, sits on you, cuddles up and leaves her fur all over you.

Her housemates are another cat called Thumper, who seems to have some chinchilla blood, as his fur is ticked, and an elderly lurcher and mother-and-son Dalmatians. The spotty pup is not popular, as he is very boisterous. A third cat, Chloe, had to be re-homed with co-owner's mother, as she couldn't stand the puppy.

Ashleigh and Socks

My Cat is named Socks, we got him from the SPCA. He is very playful he likes chasing after shoelaces and we named him Socks because he has white feet.

Ruth and Ding Dong

I have a 4 year old calico/tabby cat she's fat yet extremly hyper and annoying. When we got her she was the size of a small beany baby. When picking her up a certain way she dangles and my mom kept saying ding dong... and so her named formed and is now officially Ding Dong!

Kerry and Sparkle

January 2001 - My name is Kerry and I have a cat called sparkle. I called her sparkle because she has lovely shiny eyes that are always gleaming at you so I decided to call her sparkle. The other reason for calling her sparkle was because she was found as a stray on the streets and someone brought her in and the vet called her twinkle so I thought I would twist it a little and call her sparkle because it sounded better to me and more of a cats name. Kerry (age 12).

Clare and Greymalkin

February 2001 - My cat's name is Greymalkin. He is grey and has a magical yet devilish temper. I named him after the greymalkin that features in the witch scene in Macbeth. Apparently a greymalkin is a witch's familiar. He certainly has some extrovert and clairvoyant qualities so he deserves his name.

Susan Sharpe and Asher

February 2001 - We have a rescue cat called Asher. It is Hebrew, and is one of the 12 tribes of Israel, mentioned in the Old Testament. Also it means "Blessed" and "Happy". We have only had our cat for 5 weeks, and he is living up to his name. He has been a blessing to us, and he has made us very happy, and we hope that he is very happy with us.

Cecilia McKenzie and Kosh

February 2001 - My Kitten's name is Kosh because my fiancÚ and I are both mad Babylon 5 fans and if you are at all familiar with the show you would know that the character Kosh is dark and mysterious but also playful, sarcastic and mischievous just like our naughty little boy... KOSH.

Margaret, Badass & Dumbass

February 2001 - When I was in college, we had two cats named Badass and Dumbass. After spending five minutes with them, it was pretty easy to figure out who was who!

Justin & Puddyphat

March 2001 - When I was growing up, we had a male tabby called "Puddyphat". He was the runt of the litter and was the only one left. My mum took pity on him and took him home. He was named after a WPC that my Mum saw in a local newspaper article! He grew up to be one of the prettiest and nicest cat's I've known!

Kate, Pugwash & Pikachu

March 2001 - We have two cats with slightly unusual names. Our big black fluffy cat is called Pugwash and our little grey Persian is called Pikachu which means "Electric Mouse" in Japanese. They are both rescue cats and had rather boring names when we acquired them. My husband is guilty of naming them. Pugwash is named after a children's cartoon character and shares many characteristics in common, rather fat and prone to doing silly things. Pikachu is named after another children's show, Pokemon. In the show Pikachu is an extremely cute character and somehow the name just fitted.

Gang of Five - Paul Charlton

May 2001 - Shadow is the first one. He was called Shadow because as a kitten, he would chase anything with a shadow. Twix is Shadow's brother, he was called this because when we were deciding names, we discovered that he really enjoyed the twix I was eating! Tilly is the third - not sure why we gave her that name! Ellie and Sophie - the two latest kittens. Well what can I say they just suited those names - they are the cutest things you have ever seen.

Barney & Kate

June 2001 - I have a black and white cat named barney, we didn't name him as we got him when he was a kitten from Leigh Cats and Dogs Home, but we have had him now for three years and he is getting barmier every day! He is so funny at night, when my dads feet are hanging out of the bed, pounce! He's got 'em! He races around the house at night just before we go to bed, and my mum says he's having a "mad hour". So now you know all about Barmy Barney!

Jennie & Dolly Mixture

July 2001 - My name is Jennie and my Siamese cat is called Dollie Mixture, this is because of her funny markings as they are speckled and coloured, just like the sweets "dollie mixture."

Bo-Tai & Sheegwa

I had a siamese male cat named Bo-Tai. I liked it cause it sorta went with the breed if you know what I mean. I try to pick those types of names for them. I recently got a female siamese and haven't come up with a name yet. But there is a cartoon here with siamese cats in them. The one female is named Sheegwa. Not sure what it means but kinda like it. I had a friend with siamese cats who's names were Mai Tai and Sushi. - Denise


April 2002 - I have a solid white persian cat named Hissy. I named him this because when I first got him all he would do was hiss at me. This is a very smart cat that will say HI. I am trying to teach him to say please and we are almost there. - Sherry


April 2002 - My cat's name is Skooterbutt because when he was just a little tiny kitten, he would chase the dog around the house and when he got onto the lenolium floor, he would try to stop, but he would slide and hit the wall, and his butt would keep going even though every other part of him stopped. Hence the name Skooterbutt. - Alicia

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