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I do wonder why humans are
Horrible about my friends and I,
Only the other week someone in
A local paper said we should be
Hung from a lamppost!

He said we make a mess in the Garden,
What does he want us to do?
Put it in the Wheelie bin!

Mum said to a lady at school,
That she has six cats!
The lady's reply was Yuk!
I must pay her a visit,
Let her know how sweet we
Really are.

A friend of mine was killed
By a car nearby,
The driver didn't stop to help!
I suppose if he was a dog,
It might be different!

They would have to stop,
Their car might have a big
Dent in it!
Asks for all he gets!
Stupid man.

We had a visitor today,
She was scared of cats!
Tigger went and jumped on
Her lap, you should have
Seen her face! Me-ow
Pebbles wanted to play with her
And Mickey rubbed himself,
Around her leg.

Patch and I stared at her,
After a while she said!
Oh is that the time,
I must be off!Oh it was funny.

Copyright 2003 - Karen Cursons  

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