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Cat Talk

From the book "Spoken Cat" by Alexandra Sellers

Published by:
Bellow Publishing Company Limited
8 Balham Hill
United Kingdom
SW12 9EA

ISBN Number: 1 85725 17 2
Spoken Cat


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A beginner's guide to Spoken Cat - Mow pra brap marr.

Useful Phrases - Cat

Useful Phrases - Human.

Note: If the cat pays no attention, do not make a kissing or sucking noise. This will be counter-productive. Abandon your efforts and try a second time.

Basics Of Pronunciation

There is an overall nasality to cat utterances.

An Elementary Conversation

Scene: A human meets the neighbour's cat.

Cat: Mow (How do you do?)

Human: Mow maŃ (How do you do? Can I be of service?)

Cat: MaŃ mupRup birr birr pirp (A dish of cream, if you would be so kind)

Human: Birr birr maŃ bra! (Cream coming up!)

The dish of cream is brought; the cat drinks.

Cat: Mbrwh (Thank you! lit. "pleased")

Human: MaŃ RRow. maŃ ? (My pleasure. Is there anything else?)


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