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My Cats walk all over me!

Cat Tips

Trampled Under Foot:


How many times have we cats heard someone in the kitchen preparing food, we run out to see what it is, and end up being stepped on?

Well, I have a solution. We need to announce our presence. I'm sure we've all experienced what can happen when we just sit quietly behind our purr-son's ankles and wait for them to notice us. They back up and step on us. Humans can be SO stupid!

The next time you are in the kitchen with your human, let them know you are there. Give them a little holler, like, "Hey stupid, down here!" or just a polite little "hello." Of course, if your human is really stupid, you may have to give them a swipe on the leg to get their attention.

Now if your human is too quick and you don't get a chance to announce yourself before they step on you, be sure to run when they bend down to apologize. Let them chase you all over the house. This will make them feel REALLY guilty and you will be sure to get some of whatever they were preparing to eat. And if you want them to feel REALLY, REALLY guilty, refuse to eat that treat!! It will surely pay off in the future!

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