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Miaow, mieow, mraw, mew, purr, prruur, miaw, miew, mrawwww, mriaow, mraow,  purr-zzzz...

Some of the kind comments left by visitors to the Moggies Site.

Thankyou all for the kind comments!

Jennifer Marsh - 12th November 1999

I have been to quite a few Cat Sites, and must admit that this is probably the best I have seen. Excellent work, I will be back for more.

Melanie - Perth, Western Australia - 9th November 1999

This is one of the best Cat Sites I have seen (and I have been to quite a few!). Well Done. I will come back often. Thankyou.

Derrick J Bate - UK - 2nd November 1999

Very comprehensive and professional. Must be the ultimate Cat's Backyard!

Debe Chapman - Leicestershire, UK - 31st October 1999

Finally a useful cat site with REAL information. Great. Keep up the good work for all of us catlovers.

Brian Richards - UK - 26th September 1999

Excellent site, very informative and easy to access with fast downloading. Well done.

Frasier - CA, USA - 25th September 1999

Boy, do you have a lot of information here! I've had to make several trips and I still haven't seen everything! As a cat, I'd have to say you're doing a great job of getting information to the people!

Mimmi Garth - NY, USA - 25th August 1999

Love it, love it, love it!!!! I roared with laughter when reading "Instructions for giving your Cat a Pill." Thank you for a wonderful site - I will be returning for more giggles. Cheers.

Kath & Barry - Wolverhampton, UK - 22nd August 1999

Great site, love the comments about my Dogs and Scruffy my beloved departed Moggy and of course not forgetting Ace.

Jan Wileman - Blackpool, UK - 1st August 1999

As a new internet explorer I searched for "cats" this is what came up, a cat lover and feeder of 7 beautiful cats I couldn't resist having a look at what is out there! Fascinating.

Rich Bailey - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - 13th July 1999

I have two neutered housecats, Sammy & Rosie who run my house and are this old bachelor's family. They have all their claws but use them only on the cat furniture. Thank you for a valuable site with lots of good links. I have passed on your url to several of my cat-loving friends.

Jana - Coogee, Australia (but I'm an American) - 25th June 1999

I knew what a Moggy was thanks to the sitcom "Are You Being Served," but I'd never heard the term before that! Superb site - lots of helpful information and support! For the sake of us Americans without a clue, I hope you list this in the search engines under cat as well as moggie! By the way this guestbook form gave me a good laugh - "oops a hairball" - love it!

Angela Ball - UK - 18th June 1999

What a delightful site! I enjoyed it mightily (loved the sound effects). You've really done something to be proud of! Best, Angela Ball - All About Cats Magazine

Susie Bachman - N Catasauqua, PA, USA - 8th June 1999

ROTFL!!! These locations sure look familiar - what happens at 2:00am from staring at a monitor for hours on end, Patrick! Super informational page with much educational info about cats. Your little ones are too adorable. Thanks for inviting me - you've done a wonderful job in promoting responsible care and welfare for cats. Purrs and headbonks.

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