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Dogs Rogue Gallery August 2005


"Megan is my border collie, she is seven years old. Ezme is my Boarder Terrier, she is four months old. They are wonderful and I love them to bits, we have such fun with them. They really have become the best of friends. They love going down to the beach and up on Exmoor. Ezme is so full of mischief and wants to play all day long. Megan is such an amazing dog and she really is so good with our new puppy Ezme, very tolerant, bless her. It's hard to imagine life without them!" - Donna

Ezme & Meg

Give it back Meg!

Meg & Ezme

Meg & Ezme on the beach.




Meg, enjoying her outing to the beach.


Resting on dad's shoe!


That beach really takes it out of you!

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