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Keep Him Fe-line Safe & Sound

March 2003 - Despite recent research showing that one-third of domestic felines are living in their second or third home, most cat owners would be horrified at the prospect of losing their furry friend.

Cats Protection, the UKís leading welfare charity, reunites approximately 5,000 lost cats a year with their owners. With almost 10% of calls to the charityís Helpline concerning lost and found cats, Cats Protection today issued a reminder about ways to keep felines safe in order to avoid unnecessary loss and suffering for both owner and pet.

Cats are treated as property by law. Should a legal dispute arise over a felineís ownership, the owner needs to prove that the cat is theirs in order to reclaim the pet.

Tips for keeping puss safe:

Cats Protection publishes a range of informative leaflets on many aspects of cat care that are available free-of-charge from the charityís Helpline on 08702-099-099 (UK).

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