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Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust

Registered charity number: 1074492

Contact details:

Vera Davis
13 Stansted Way
United Kingdom
C13 0BG

Telephone Number 01255 679040 (UK)
Fax Number 01255 679040 (UK)


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There are hundreds of feral cats in Spain, which are mainly considered to be vermin and are, at best, left to die of starvation and worst, poisoned with cyanide, battered to death or thrown with kittens into the sea in plastic bags.

Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust are currently working in Campello twice yearly with a vet and nurse to trap, spay/neuter, inoculate etc., and return to site.

The Trust wish to establish a clinic/shelter to relieve the suffering and distress of feral cats and kittens which are in need of care and protection by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage by providing or assisting in the provision of medical care and action, the prevention of cruelty against such cats and kittens and to advance public education in their care.

Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust are now aiming for a clinic/shelter with an on-going programme somewhere in the Costa Blanca area which would achieve help for feral and abandoned cats over a wide area. Please help them if you can.

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