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Kitty Haiku

Haiku is a traditional Japanese verse form. It is never longer than 3 lines, contains only 17 syllables and yet creates imagery in the mind of the reader.

Do you have a Kitty Haiku that you would like to share? Please send any cattish Haiku's to Padraig for inclusion on this page.

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Cat Haiku by: Ellen Schoenberg.
From: Nu Yawk (New York)

Kahlua the mog,
lovely tortoiseshell is she,
shining in the light.

These were written by Christopher, Sharon, and Moby Cat.

Aquarium fish
would be a delicious dish
on fresh made biscuits.

The cat needs a toy.
Open a gallon of milk,
he can have the ring.

My soft fuzzy paws
were once dangerous claws, but
biting is more fun.

Up on the counter,
Drinking from the kitchen sink,
It must be our cat.

With a half white nose,
and twelve and a half pink toes,
Moby strikes a pose.

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