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Bringing real complementary and alternative veterinary therapies to you.

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Holisticvet Ltd
Weston Road

Office: 01225 48 7778
Mobile: 07881 811 590
Fax: 07092 233 930

Also in London - Hyde Park Veterinary Centre - twice monthly.

Phone in times in Bath: 9am to 10am, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Hi. My name is Nick Thompson. I am a vet and I run a practice with a specialist interest in veterinary homoeopathy, acupuncture and real nutrition. You can consult me privately or at any of the practices below, throughout the South of England:

I am currently working at the following practices on a weekly or fortnightly basis:

If you would prefer to have a chat about your cat problem before committing to a consultation, you can email, fax or phone me. I never charge for enquiries from you, the cat owning public.


Every second of every day our cats, like ourselves, are healing their own bodies; bumps cause minor bruises, viruses and bacteria are always invading the body and repair of damaged tissues is an ongoing task that makes painting the Forth Road Bridge look like a morning's light work!

Disease is not when you 'catch' something, it is when this complex defence system breaks down. Hence the name - dis-ease - that is, the body is no longer at ease or in balance.

Homoeopathy uses infinitesimally small quantities of specially prepared substances to stimulate the body to recognise the 'dis-ease' and bring it back into equilibrium. It is very good for longstanding disease in cats such as asthma, miliary dermatitis/eczema, long term diarrhoea, arthritis, cystitis, behavioural or reproductive problems.

If you have a cat with any of these or similar problems, contact me to have a chat before we arrange a consultation.


The Chinese have always been a very practical people. 4,000 years ago they discovered that one can rebalance 'dis-ease' by stimulating special areas on the body. They theorised that by stimulating certain points or nodes, they were unblocking and smoothing the flow of energy around the body. They have been refining and improving this medicine every year since! Modern medicine describes similar phenomena, only in modern terms.

Vets today use this ancient wisdom to stimulate healing in their patients. Acupuncture can be very usefully employed in the following conditions: acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems, epilepsy, certain skin problems and paralysis type problems and with pain of any description.

Please give me a ring or email if you would like to discuss your particular problem before arranging a consultation.


Can anyone argue with the idea that cats were designed to eat, fresh, whole, small mammals and birds as the sum total of their diet? If you can, please do let me know as I'd love to hear from you.

If this is the case, why do we feed cats, our beloved cats, with processed food? Would you feed yourself, exclusively, on processed food? Why not - all the vital nutrients are put into these products, aren't they? So why do we do it to our cats? Ok, we can't feed every cat with fresh sparrows and mice. But surely we can feed them fresh food. I think we should be feeding a variety of fresh raw or minimally cooked meats with a small amount (5%) of fresh raw liquidised vegetables and fruit (what are birds and mice full of, after all?).

Drop me a line or ring if you'd like to hear more! I've seen so many cases of skin disease and bowel problems cured with no medicine whatsoever when a simple change to a non-processed diet is begun. I find it deeply saddening that we may be actually causing some of the diseases we see in our feline friends.


I work in parallel, not in place of your regular vet. Drop me a line or contact me in the usual ways if you would like to discuss getting a referral. Together we (the team of you, your cat, your vet and me) can take a new look at your cat's REAL HEALTH.

Nick Thompson BSc.(Hons) Path Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS.

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