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Moggies gets a mention in the Lancashire News (UK)

Wednesday 25th September 2002

Site for lovers of cats, Buffy, eco-services and the BBC. Cat lovers will enjoy browsing the feline site

This Is Lancashire Website

KISS (Keep It Simple Series) Guide To Cat Care (August 2001) by Steve Duno

Publishers: Dorling Kindersley Limited
ISBN number: 0-7513-3429-4

Moggies mentioned in the KISS Guide To Cat Care by Steve Duno. Quote from the book: " - A wide range of links, helpful hints and tips. All cat owners should pay a visit to Moggies."

Thank you Steve.

See: KISS Guide to Cat Care for more information about the book.

Moggies gets a mention in the Guardian Newspaper (UK)

Working the web: Pets

Is your cat going to the dogs? Or is your dog the cat that got the cream? Care for your pet on the net, says Ruth Rosselson. Thursday July 12, 2001 - The Guardian maintains a national database register and the famous Battersea dogs' home is also online at If you want websites dedicated to your favourite animal, then there are plenty to choose from. Dog lovers should try Find out everything you ever wanted to know about cats at the definitive cat website,, with everything from cat trivia to a feature on Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess.

See the whole document online at the Guardian website at:


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