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Jett on the winter quilt.

The Cat Nap (for Jett)

In his dream, does the glass melt away
And the feathered tempter fall victim to his paw
After a glorious chase and triumphant pounce?
And does the unattainable prey
Taste infinitely better than tuna,
The most wonderful thing he has ever tasted?
In his dream, does the thing on the string
Jump tirelessly whenever he wants it to
And stop only when he tires of it and walks away?
And does the ball that comes to his call
Never roll beneath the dresser or behind the couch,
And bounce itself endlessly for him to chase?


Gobi in the sink!

The White Peril (for Gobi Gobotiputitati)

The boycat
The fog imp
A sinkful of sauce and deviltry
Writhing with fierceness, his legs treading air
Maniacally disemboweling the fiendish thingie
While kicking himself in the face with that right hind leg
The one he hurt when he landed cattywompus jumping off the bed.
Swept up by a wave of pounces.
Surging off again
White tail streaming out behind him like a vapor trail
The Gobot
Pelting up and down the hallway,
Possessed by a wild hair (look him in the whiskers and you'll see it...)
The pink and white anathema of paper wads
Trash can rifler, tissue shreader
Stashing mangled Q-tips underneath the bath mat for more leisurely dismemberment anon
Rooting through the books in the bookcase.
Digging up the throw rugs.
Whiskers like a thatching rake combing every nook and cranny
In his never-ending search to find the Answer
To the Eternal Question of Catkind: "Is there anything to eat in there? "

Sister Shadow

Sister Shadow

Glockenspiel (With apologies to Sir Walter)

Oh, Glockenspiel has come out of the west.
Of all of the kitties, his tail is the best.
If making a shambles is your kind of deal,
Then you need a cat like young Glockenspiel.

He'll make you a shambles as quick as a wink,
Then barf on the carpet and nap in the sink.
He'll tear through the house from one end to the other,
Terrorize sister, and aggravate brother.

He'll sing songs from Kabuki, and strike you a pose
Do a lion dance from China and murder the hose,
Oh, if making a shambles is your kind of deal,
Then you need a cat like young Glockenspiel.

("Glockenspiel" is one of the several aliases of Mr. Gobotiputitati)

By: S.J.  

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