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Update November 2001: RSPCA Concern Over Korea (Do not click this link if you are easily upset.)

Note: The story below is only partially true. There is no nation-wide cat massacre in Korea, but some people are killing and eating felines. Despite a government announcement that cat meat does not have any medical benefits, some koreans still eat cats according to their false beliefs. And this leads cruel cat-killing markets booming. Stray cats are caught by traps and boiled to death to make 'medicine' or 'health aid food.' It is not just cats, it is also dogs, goats and other animals. Unless there is some sort of re-education against this sad savagery, then it seems rather impossible to ban this barbarism. The Korean Government can and should regulate these facilities more effectively.

Korea Animal Protection Society

Please Sign This Petition To End The Torture And Murder of The Dogs & Cats Of South Korea!

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Do not click this if you are easily upset: The Full Story - Cats face brutal slaughter in "juicing" Shops

Do not click this if you are easily upset: Stray Dogs Face Savage Persecution The official website for the Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS). KAPS is dedicated to promoting animal welfare and protection in Korea through education, stricter animal cruelty laws and the continued development of the KAPS shelter.

The KAPS shelter, located in Taegu, South Korea, is the only shelter in the country that cares for companion animals. Currently, KAPS provides shelter to more than 85 dogs and 260 cats as well as a few orphaned or injured wildlife.

In spite of a 1991 law which prohibits the human consumption of dogs and cats, a flourishing industry exists within the markets in Korea. Illegal and unsanitary dog farms are hidden away in the countryside where breeders raise their stock for the butchers. Because KAPS are a grassroots organization, they need your help to campaign against these violations which most Koreans ignore and the government will not enforce. Most urgently, they need your help to keep their shelter operating.

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