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(aka: chatterbox)

Beautiful Little Lady

Especially loved and missed by Pat, Derrick and Dominic.

In memory of...

Beautiful black feline,
with a single white hair on your chest.

So sweet and gentle,
as you sleep in the crook of my arm.

Gently purring, then...
up upon the fridge, "mraw, mraw, mraw..."

Chatter, chatter, miaow, miaow,
so small yet so confident.

Chasing squirrels and leaves,
loving the garden, your playground.

Now you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge,
playing games with Puska.

A piece of me has been broken,
now there are only happy memories.

Be well my little one, one day we will reunite.

Padraig - April 2000

In Loving Memory of beloved Little Lady whose sweet & tender chatterings will ring in your ears.
Mimm, Paddy-pooh & Greta

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