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Lucy's Tale

Would you like to hear my story?
Do you have some time to spare?
Then I'll begin to tell you
how I came to those who care.

I lived upon a building site
so far from any house,
at times there wasn't much to eat
but the occasional wild mouse.

I didn't look so pretty then,
my fur all stiff and matted,
I was pleased to see a human
and I let myself be patted.

He settled me inside his car
and then he drove me home,
I was made so very welcome
that I lost the urge to roam.

The humans called me Lucy,
which reminds me of a song,
and they didn't seem to mind
When my kittens came along.

But all that is behind me now,
I'd rather not remember
how I lived on that cold site
In the middle of December.

Author: Pauline Mitchell

Lucy & Kittens

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