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Memories Of Henry

Brown Tabby Kitten

We had Henry for 17 years. A lovable, pampered brown tabby. My warmest memory surrounds a very wet and windy night several years ago which made me realise my true status in our household!

I had just arrived home on my motorbike and I was soaked through to the skin and very, very cold. Just as I knocked the front door to be let in, Henry also appeared, equally wet and cold.

My wife let us in and our daughter took hold of the cat, towelled him down and put him front of the fire.

Meanwhile, I stood in the hallway, still dripping wet and cold. It was then that I realised that I was slightly more popular than a traffic warden, and several places behind 'ol Henry!

Henry died a few months ago aged 18. We still miss him.

David & Family  

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