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My Kitten Misty

American Wirehair

It was about one year back when I had my third kitty her name was Misty, she was only one year old. Misty was given to me by my grandma who found her and two other kittens, since she had five cats already she gave us one, so we love her and accepted her as a person (actually a cat!) in the family.

I was doing my regular routine and getting dressed, it was the fifth day of jr high - that cat was my pride and joy. Well I went outside for a couple of seconds to get my clothes for that day and I came in and when my dad said go see if your cat is okay, I ran in and said "what happend to my cat?"

My mom said calmly "she was attacted by a dog" - We took Misty to the vet and they had to put her to sleep so I said my goodbyes and went to school very lonely and I also felt like someone put a hole in my heart.

When I got home I found out that the people that lived two blocks away had two dogs, and their dogs jumped the fence - since my cat was raised around dogs she wasnt afraid of them, they tried to attack her, she fought back but it was two against one.

The dogs did a lot of damage to her, they broke her back and put 12 holes into her stomach. My dad cremated her for me and I have her sitting in my room right next to my old dog wolfgang who also had to be put to sleep.

As for the dogs they got taken away because a neighbour had to call animal control on them seven times before. They got put down, I felt bad but I had to do it.

I still miss Misty today but I have a new kitty named Baby she looks just like her and sometimes when we call to her we say Misty beacuse we think it is Misty. I miss her so much and I loved her to.

Kayla C - May 2002

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