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Mouse Works

A highly original site, one that all cat lovers will love.

A new innovation in automata: "The Mechanical Moggie"

Moggies are an entirely new species: the not quite pedigreed cats who dream of being human. The vignettes are designed to give the owner a chuckle. Laughter is therapeutic and so are moggies: they are a perfect gift or presentation item. The Moggie World is constantly expanding with new offerings on a regular basis. Keep in touch.

The Tread of Life

"The Tread of Life"

When one is young, one looks forward in time; when one is old, one looks back.

Gone Fishing

"Gone Fishing"

It's been one of those days. Our Moggie finds himself adrift in a leaky tub hoping for a tiny bite. In one of life's neat twists, he has hooked a treasure beyond his wildest dreams.

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