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The Toilet Mystery

Author: Denise Brixey - E-Mail:

Monkey Face

Everyone knows how curious cats are. It's a natural state of mind for them. They are curious about what you are doing, about what's on the kitchen table, oh, and let's not forget the counters (kitchen and bathroom). One of mine is even curious about the shower. Tiffany will stare at the water coming from the shower head and then look at me like I'm nuts when I step inside and close the shower door. The first couple of times that she saw this, Tiffany ran to the door and tried to climb up, presumably to 'save me from that dreadful water'. This was not too disconcerting, in fact, it endeared her to me even more. But the toilet… Now here was a problem!

Monkey Face was with me for about six months before Tiffany, and as a result, he learned all of the house rules, like no standing on the toilet. This was for safety as much as anything else. You see, Monkey, although I love him very much, is…how shall I put this…a klutz! In fact, he is about the klutziest cat that I have ever met. So I needed to enforce the "No standing on toilet" rule.

Now when Tiffany came to join our little family, things changed. Oh boy, did they ever! Tiffany is the complete opposite of Monkey. She is young, petite, short-haired and very agile. And, oh yes, SHE DOESN'T FOLLOW THE RULES! When I scold her, Tiffany actually looks at me with eyes that say, "Rules? What rules?" Then she goes on to do whatever she pleases. Tiffany learned very early that I wouldn't hurt her and she takes advantage of that fact every day of her life! She's my 'living on the edge' cat.

Anyway, back to the toilet. The other day I was in my office working, when I heard the cats talking to one another. This wasn't so different from any other day, so I ignored them and continued working. A couple of hours later, I went back to the bathroom and noticed that I had left the lid up on the toilet. Well, no problem. I had done this before. But wait…there was water on the seat, a lot of water. Oops! It looks like a cat went swimming! I hurriedly checked Monkey (because he was the one I could catch first, remember, The Klutz?) and he was dry. Then I enticed Tiffany to let me look her over and she, too, was dry. Now this was a mystery.

I went back to search the toilet for more clues. Ah ha! There on the back of the toilet were two Monkey Face hairs! Was it my klutzy Monkey who took a dive? I guess we will never know for neither of the cats are talking!

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