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Mystic Faerie Cats

Mystic Faerie Cat

Charm On Seeing A Black Cat

If a black cat should cross your path, you must greet the animal with courtesy, and stroke it if you can, whilst saying this charm:

Black cat, cross my path.
Good fortune bring to home and hearth;
when I am away from home,
bring me luck where'er I roam.

The Black Cat Welcoming Charm

Black cat, black cat
Luck-bringer and blessing
Where it is that thou art from
Can only keep us guessing
Your soul we claim upon this day
We bid you never, never stray
Abide with us and here to stay
We chant this charm, you must obey
Black cat, black cat,
Luck-bringer and blessing.

The Cait Sith Good Luck Charm
(Sith: pronounced 'shee')

Fairies, I have danced for you,
fairies, I have sung for you;
Now, I pri'thee, send to me
the Fairy Cat, the spirit Cait Sith,
my guide and safeguard for to be.

Spell to call up a Hearth-Spirit

Little one, without a name.
come inside and make much game.
I send my cat upon this errand,
to hunt you out till you be found,
and may you of good heart be,
and truly charming company.

Hello beautiful...

When will you see fairies, my dear? Before the cat can lick her ear. Nursery Rhyme

Cat's-paw upon the water - First sigh Of Storm-King's daughter. From Furies and Storm Spirits by Sarah Greaves

When puss washes behind her ears, we'll soon be tasting heaven's tears. Rain Prophecy

Brother, put away your groans, bring a black-cat charm to mend your bones. Proverb

May sweet delight be this month's theme - I saw a cat in last night's dream. Country Rhyme

Whenever the cat of the house is black, The lasses of lovers will have no lack. Country Proverb

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