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Love to eat them mousies,
Mousies what I love to eat.
Bite they little heads off...
Nibble on they tiny feet.

B. Kliban

Pet-2-Ring - Cat Doorbell

Pet-2-Ring Website:

Pet Doorbell Products, Inc., is proud to introduce to all pet lovers a Useful, Unique, and Entertaining New Pet Product.

Now with the Pet-2-Ring TM Doorbell "Your Pet's Own Doorbell" your cat or small breed dog can ring their doorbell just like you or I ring a doorbell. This is clearly demonstrated in the training video included with your purchase. We always knew that dogs could be trained. Now you can see that the cat is also trainable and very intelligent. Note: Pet should not exceed 30lb.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Enquiries from Manufacturers welcome.

Pet Doorbell Products Inc., contact details:

Telepone: 1-609-859-1660 (USA) - Fax: 1-609-801-9165 (USA) or toll free 1-866-Pet2ring (738-2746)

Pet-2-Ring is a trademark of Pet Doorbell Products, Inc. All rights reserved.

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CatAlert™ - Bleeping Collar For Cats

CatAlert Website

A recent press release from "The British Trust for Ornithology" claimed:


To a nation of animal lovers, the natural tendency of our much-loved cats to kill our equally valued garden birds is often extremely distressing. A common suggestion is to hang small bells around the cats' necks. However, cats are expert stalkers. They can learn to move silently or to lurk in ambush, so actually very few birds are 'saved by the bell'.

CatAlert™ from Willana Lifesciences is a bleeping collar for cats, designed to warn birds and other wildlife of the presence of a predator. Purchasers of these collars have kept records of the wildlife killed by their cats. The British Trust for Ornithology analysed these records to investigate whether the CatAlert™ collar did actually work. A preliminary report on this work has been produced (available on the Willana Lifesciences' web site).

On average, cats in the trial caught a bird every week when the CatAlert™ was not in use. When the same cats wore the CatAlert™ bleeping collar, they only caught a bird every 2.5 weeks on average.

This might seem a small difference. However, there are an estimated 8 million cats in the U.K. Of course the number of birds killed varies widely between cats and with the seasons. However, even if only one million of our cats kill a bird a week, fitting bleepers to them might reduce the birds killed by these cats from about 50 million to about 20 million, possibly saving as many as 30 million birds every year! More research is clearly required to establish the exact effects of cats on garden birds.

The CatAlert™ had no effect on the number of rats, mice and other mammals that were taken by cats with an active collar. So far the CatAlert™ has been tested during spring, summer and autumn and the results are consistent. To complete the picture we hope to carry out another survey in January and February to check that the results are consistent throughout the year.

The CatAlert™ weighs under half an ounce and is just 3 cm long. Its batteries last over a year and the device can be switched on and off by the owner. The collar beeps during daylight hours alone or both night and day. Collars left over from the trials can be purchased from Willana Lifesciences. The cost for a single device with collar is £17.99 inc. p&p (cheques, Visa etc). The cost of a collar for other cats in the same household is £16.99

For more information and ordering please visit the CatAlert website at:

Contact details:

Dr W.J. (Liam) Martin
Willana Lifesciences
Ashburn House
4 Derbyshire Road
United Kingdom
M33 3EG

Telephone: +44 161 282 1939
Fax: +44 161 283 6039

Remember: "A bird in the bush is worth two in the Cat"

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Does your cat do his own typing on your keyboard, or - worse still - reconfigure your computer while your back is turned? Cats on keyboards typing random commands can make computers do strange things, but help is at hand from software developed by a company called BitBoost Systems.

PawSense detects and blocks typing by cats. Once installed, the software protects the computer against cat typing, while letting humans use the computer freely. Pawsense runs in the background to guard the computer while the computer's other programs are running in the background.

When PawSense detects a cat on the keyboard, it makes "cat-annoying sounds" chosen by the human user, including dissonant harmonica, falsetto singing, or sounds recorded by the computer's owner. In the long run the cat may learn to stay off the computer altogether, as it knows what happens when it presses the keys!

Chris Niswander got the idea for PawSense because of the trouble his sister and friends had trouble with cats crashing and reconfiguring their computers. "I think my algorithms for detecting cat pawsteps were helped along considerably by the large number of cats that have walked all over me when living in multi-cat households and visiting friends who are well-supplied with cats," - "I guess it's this paws-on experience that makes PawSense possible!"

PawSense costs $19.99 (US Dollars) plus shipping and handling. Delivered to the United Kingdom this totals abut £16.

Being a modern e-company, BitBoost sells PawSense on the Internet by credit card at More information is available from

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New 5-in-1 Vaccination

December 1999 - Cats can now receive a one-shot vaccination called "Fevaxyn Pentofel" against preventable cat infections including:

NOTE: This is not licensed for use in pregnant queens.

Fevaxyn Pentofel is an inactivated (killed) vaccine, which offers improved safety over modified "live" cat vaccines. When a "live" cat vaccine is injected, the virus multiplies in the cat and an immune response is produced. During the multiplication process some virus can be shed from the vaccinated cat, possibly contaminating the environement. Some people think that this virus could potentially cause disease in other cats, although it is safe when injected it is less so when inhaled. With "killed" vaccines there is no chance of this happening as the virus cannot, and never does multiply. this risk is of particular concern to multi-cat households, which is why many cat breeders prefer to use "killed" vaccines.

Calcivirus and Herpesvirus are commonly known as Cat-Flu, and Feline Pancleucopenia is also known as Feline Enteritis. Until now, cats could only be vaccinated against Chlamydia with a separate inoculation.

The new Pentofel vaccination contains only "killed" antigens, to ensure maximum safety for all cats (including pregnant queens). Also, the injection uses special ultra-sharp Pentofel needles, which make vaccination less unpleasant for the cat.

The price charged for the vaccine will vary between individual Veterinary Surgeries, but is extremely likely to be more cost effective than vaccinating cats for the diseases separately.

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Tuna Crunchy Flavour Lickin's

It can be very difficult to control the build up of Tartar on your pet cats teeth, the super product pictured right can help in the battle against Tartar Build-up.

My Moggy Beauty loves these treats, and they are doing his teeth a great service with their Tartar Control. See your local Pet Food Supplier for availability.
Tuna Crunchy Flavour Lickin's

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