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Oscar & Pixel

My name is Sue (wendy is my mum using my computer) and we loooooove cats :-)

Below are the stories of my two cats - no cat in our household has just been a normal moggy- they always seems to have adventures. Oscar is the black and white - half burmese, Pixel is the black one.

Oscar's Story

Oscar 8 Weeks OldI got Oscar as an 8 week old kitten. His mother was a pure breed Burmese, and she was beautiful. His mother had got out of her owners house and had been made pregnant by a stray Tom cat (with an eye for beautiful moggys) and the owner was not at all happy.

The kittens were all beautiful but nevertheless she tried to give me Oscar in a Tesco carrier bag.

Oscar has had many adventures - been taken off the roof by firemen at 12 weeks old. Stolen by people for experiments and thrown out of the van many miles away as he was neutered and apparantly they are no good. He was the only cat of 4 or 5 that went missing on the same day that I know came back.

Oscar will be 8 years old this July 2001 (I think my memory is not perfect!). He is a very vocal cat, he and I have a very close bond. The day he came back from being abducted he spent all night sleeping under the covers with me - back to back and touching me the whole night.

We have moved a few times since we got Oscar, and he is a wonderful addition to our family. He is my "baby" and I love him to bits.

Pixel's Story

PixelPixel - well, I don't know much of her history till the day she came to us - much the worse for wear.

I had gone to the local shop with a friends child that morning, and had seen a very skinny and sickly looking cat - but it had run off.

I went home and later opened my front door to put some rubbish out. There was Pixel eating gone off cat food from the bin.

She was so thin and scrawny and looked very unwell and sick. I took her into the house and gave her some food.

I called the RSPCA who said to put her back out onto the street, then I called the Cats Protectione, who also refused to come and get this cat whose bones you could see through what little skin she had on her. I made her a little bed (after a slight accident under the kids bunk-beds because they wouldn't let her be), she went to bed and just stayed there for the majority of three days. I guess she felt safe and nobody was allowed to touch her whilst she was there.

She gradually came out and met Oscar, he took to her quite well - although even to this day he makes sure she knows who is boss, and she is always the chasee - he the chaser.

My mother and I took Pixel to the vets, they said she had terrible ear-mites and she was on treatment for months as it was so bad. She could hardly - if at all hear at first.

Gradually - She plumped out - and became very very friendly. She did not seem to know how to play, so the kids taught her with toy mice and string, Oscar always showing her how things were done. For a long time Oscar would not allow her into the living room of our house. But gradually she made herself at home and now if Oscar cannot find her he calls to her as he misses her.

She has also taken Oscar's lead and has become quite vocal.

She is the quieter of the pair, and I think she is about 7 years old, but I cannot be sure. Her birthday is the day we foud her 16th August. She has been with us for about 6 years now, and she is my "baby girl."

She was hit by a car a couple of years ago, but luckily is okay. She loves to attack wiggling toes under the bedcovers, to chase and rip to shreds balls of paper, and she seems to think she is a gerbil - as sometimes she shreds catalogues and bits of paper - usually during the night. Once I had to write a letter to my son's school saying the cat shredded his homework, I have no idea if they even believed me!

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