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"Red British Shorthair called Magikatz Simply Samson, Sami for short! Now 3.5 years old and still up to all sorts of mischief, my other cat Leo never knows when he is going to be jumped on next. I cannot see him ever turning into a sedate, well behaved cat!" - Margi


Furry body all a quiver,
Whiskers straight and in a shiver,
Ears are picking up every sound,
Watch out now there's a mouse around!

Eyes aglow with anticipation,
Black as coal in trepidation,
Can I catch it? Can it run?
No, it's a toy, but I can still have fun!

I toss it here and I toss it there,
That old grey mouse flies through the air,
Tired of the game I lie and ponder,
Will it be real one day I wonder!


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