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Punished Paws

Jess kittyPunished Paws - A wonderful portal based in Cape Town, has lots of information regarding Animal Abuse, South African Vets, Lost & Found, Animal related Articles and more.

"When I started research into vivisection and the Anti-Animal Abuse lobby in South Africa, the first thing that struck me was how difficult it is to get any information. Not that the info is not out there, it is just that there is no one central point to get it. How obvious then to centralise a 'database' of websites and organisations in South Africa who all have the same aim. Thus the idea for Punished Paws, as a Portal (or Pawtal as we like to call it) was born. Available to all animal rights organisations in South Africa to use to promote their cause at no financial cost to themselves. We see the site as being dynamic in it's content, and always changing, with up to the minute news on animal rights, and accurate information on published subjects."

"If you have any information which you would like shared, or an event which needs publicity then let us know. We believe we have the facilities to help you. Even if all you need is a link to your website just complete the feedback form and we will post it for you. Remember we can only thrive and help those Punished Paws if everyone contributes and shares their knowledge and information"

"We lead a very full life, and Animals are our main priority and always will be. This website is dedicated to all the abused, starving and maimed animals in the World, that through no fault of their own, became the victims of MAN. Please remember the animals in all the laboratories that no one ever think off. Please hear their forgotten voices that cry out for help behind closed doors but are never heard. STOP VIVISECTION." - Heila

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