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Where's that mouse gone?

Where's that mouse gone?

Have the Cursor Trailor Text "Purr!" on your Active Desktop.

For Windows 98 with Active Desktop

To download the Zip click the following:
Active Purr! Size:100,322

The two files named "Windows98.htm" & "Dangerous Creatures wallpaper.jpg" need to be copied or moved to the following folder:


If you wish to change the picture you will need to edit the file "Windows98.htm" and point to where the picture is on your harddrive.

You may have Windows installed in another folder or on another drive, just go to the Windows Folder - Open the folder and look for the folder named "Web" - Open this Folder and there should be another folder named "Wallpaper" - Open this folder and copy the two files here.

Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.

Click the Web tab, and then make sure the View my Active Desktop as a web page check box is selected.

Next, click on the Background tab - select the Windows98 (htm document).

Finally, click the "Apply" button to save the changes.

Your Active Desktop should now show the picture with the "purr!"

If you cannot see your Desktop Icons then you need to do the following:

Open the "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" - Click the "View" in the Command Bar at the top, in the drop-down menu select "Folder Options".

Once the "Folder Options" box is open, click on the View tab. Go to the "Visual Settings" and make sure that the setting for "Hide icons when desktop is viewed as Web page" is unchecked (blank).

Your Icons will now appear as normal.

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