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Somebody's Cat

Somebody's cat went missing last night,
Somebody's cat had a terrible fright,
Somebody's cat was very brave,
So many kind people his life tried to save.

No-one's name hung from his collar last night,
Just a strip of tape for reflecting the light,
but a small bit of tape can in no way compete,
with so many cars and a busy town street.

Just a number to call would have meant, instead
of kind strangers, she would have held his head,
I wonder if she's sorry she let her cat roam,
when he could have been safe within his own home.

The morning sun would have warmed his soft fur,
as he sat on her lap to wash and to purr.
Somebody's cat gave death quite a fright,
when somebody's cat died last night.

Authour unknown.
Three Cute Kitties

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