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Sooty and Tinker

From: Karen Williams


I recently moved to a new town and soon settled in to my new life and new job. After 3 months I decided to get a kitten or two, I called the local RSPCA and was advised where I could get some homeless kittens. I took their advice and made an appointment to see the kittens at an animal shelter. I soon spotted two little felines who were brother and sister, They looked so lovely that I instantly fell in love with them. Their names were Sooty (female) and Tinker (male). I waited a week for a home check and passed the check. My two little felines were soon at home with me.

I downloaded your Cat Guide Helpfile for some tips on how to feed and look after them. I was very surprised to learn so much about their habits and ways. They have now been vaccinated and both have had their neutering done. The little female Sooty had quite a bit of fur shaved off for the neutering, this is still growing back. I soon had them litter-tray trained and using a scratching post, without your helpfile I think I would have had a difficult time with the training.

They have had very little access to the outside world, I will wait until late spring next year before deciding on what to do about giving them access. I live in a very quiet part of town and think that giving them access to the outside world will not create any problems. At the moment they are very contented and happy indoor little pussycats and I feel fortunate in being able to share their lives with them.


I have had one bad moment with them; one day I could not find either one of them! I looked everywhere, or so I thought! Eventually I heard little miaows coming from my closet, and there they were hiding inside my brown boots - was I surprised and relieved!

Both kittens are very loving, their names do suit them as Sooty is always giving me sly little black looks - and Tinker is just that - a right little Tinker! Sooty sleeps next to my head and Tinker sleeps at my feet, and they never stop purring! I am really fascinated at watching them grow up.

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