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Pet Litter Smartbedz is a universal pet bedding and pet litter which is suitable for cats, kittens, rabbits, guinae pigs, chickens, snakes, tortoises and many other animals!

Animal Health Trust UK charity based at Newmarket, Suffolk, who provide vet services for cats, dogs and horses and promote research into animal disease. There is a handy section of information on various conditions - and an appeal for public support.

BBC Nature Section Live Owl Cams and lots more for animal lovers.

British Small Animal Veterinary Association Organisation aiming to "foster and promote high scientific and educational standards of small animal medicine and surgery in practice, teaching and research". It's for vets only, if you are not a vet you are allowed to peek at the info here.

Cairns On-line bookshop for vets. You won't find any James Herriot here - typical examples from their catalogue include "Small Animal Orthopaedics Illustrated" and "The Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders in Cattle".

Cambridge Specialist Laboratory Services "The only UK laboratory specialising in Veterinary Endocrinology", providing specialist animal hormone and biochemistry testing for practising vets in the UK, as well as carrying out research and development work and clinical studies. Based in Cambridge.

Dogs Trust Formerly the "National Canine Defence League" - Dogs Trust is the UK's biggest canine welfare charity (they coined the slogan "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas") have rescued sick, abandoned and mistreated dogs for over 100 years. Find out how to sponsor or adopt a dog or help them in other ways, like buying a gift from their catalogue.

NetVet Great site for information and fun; plenty of pictures and sounds. The site covers all the animals you'd expect to find in somebody's home - or a zoo.

Pet Central Lost or found a pet? Register for free with Pet Central - National Register for Missing Pets.

Petsearch (UK) A free service (set up in 1990 by Harry and Paula Greaves in the West Midlands) aiming to reunite lost pets with their worried owners in the UK. Here you'll find advice about how to contact your local helpline along with a database of pictures of animals that have been lost or found.

RA Medical Services UK firm specialising in anaesthetic products for health authorities, dentists and vets.

Royal Veterinary College The oldest Veterinary School in the English-speaking world, based in London. It runs degree courses in medicine, research and clinical services.

Seven Seas Healthcare Makers of vitamins, oils and pick-me-ups. Find tips on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. They also make supplements for pets.

UK Veterinary Network Potty training for rabbits, paralysis in dogs and husbandry of exotic pets are among topics discussed seriously by vets in their own site that provides news, reviews and technical information.

VetScape One of the oldest veterinary Internet resources in the World. The site was established in 1994, its purpose has always been to provide a fast and easy to use selective source of information for vets, nurses, techs, and students both in practice and academia.

VetScape is an Internet site for vets and although readers outside the profession are welcome to use the site, no allowance can be made for this. Always consult your vet in person and heed their advice over whatever you may find on-line.

Vet Web A powerful and detailed UK site with much to offer pet owners and vets alike. There is free information for the profession itself, while the public can monitor news or track vets on the Web.

Virtual Memorial Garden UK site where people all over the world can pay tribute to lost loved ones - whether people or pets.

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