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Bo Bo The Macaw
Who needs alarm clocks with Bo Bo around!

Roy & Bo Bo

Roy from New York, having a friendly chat with "Bo Bo the Macaw" - Bo Bo wakes at dawn and squawks so every one awakes early! Bo Bo lives in a hotel named Hibiscus Lodge in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Bo Bo In his Cage

Donald told me,"Bobo loves almonds."
Pulls each fruit through the rusted mesh.
Hawk beaked wonder child of the tropics,
grinds the outer shell,
held in three clawed wizardry,
adroit triumph,
until the nut is won.

All the while clipped winged Bobo
doesn't caw or mutter,
"Lara" or "Hello" eerily.
The almond's secret core
is enough for this macaw.

Roy Schoenberg

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